Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Once again?

I have just packed my suitcase. 
Got my passport, booked my taxi for the return late at night from Gatwick, printed out my ticket, separated my make up tools that I want to take with me from the rest but kept them out of the suitcase so I can use them tomorrow, put up a note for the cleaner, stood around in my room for almost two hours trying to decide what to take, compared the temperatures between London and Athens a million times on various websites trying to 'imagine' what a difference of 10 degrees might feel like, contemplated heavily on whether I should take high heels and my black dress to take the opportunity to dress up as well as go on holiday but my holiday self won again so I'm not, I sent out an email to the ones that might wonder where I've gone (my programme leader and my administrator) telling them I'm not going to be on email till Monday night, I put out on the chair the clothes that I'm going to wear tomorrow - chosen on the sole criterion of comfortable-ness - no accessories and soft fabrics, threw the remaining ham and mozzarella in the bin and took the trash out, wondered briefly if I know what happiness is and if I can find it where I'm going this time - or is it only defined as happiness when I'm away from it, when it's part of the past or part of the future?
Do wish me a good trip. I need one. I'll have a kebab in your honour. Or a greek salad facing the Acropolis. 
Friday evening, I am going to experience this


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip !

Are you coming back home or is this a holiday ? Or something else ?

Hope you find what you are looking for, whatever it may be...

a said...

Thank you DD. I'm coming to Athens after 4 years for 4 days, to save my mental health from the phd, from my inability to take days off in London, and to allow myself to be utterly spoiled by two of my best-est friends who live there. Athens is not 'home', but it feels like it right now. Suggestions welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Just four days. My sisters are here for four days too ! Otherwise I would say we should meet. Sadly, they are leaving on Sunday too.

Suggestions! Let yourself be spoiled. Enjoy Athens as much as you can. Enjoy your best friends. Plan to come back here as much as you can seeing that it is good for you.

Raise a glass for yourself. For your family and friends. And maybe one for me.

I'll be thinking of you and wisjing you all the best...

LU said...

eat lots of kebab for me!