Monday, 3 November 2008

Making this a habit

So I have a blog. For two WHOLE days now. Did anything change? Let’s see.
My profile apparently has 21 views right now. Only when it hit 18 views did I realize that all 18 were mine – I’m still not sure how to navigate the Blogger (yes, as easy as it might be) so I kept going to my profile to see what else there is to play around. When I first saw 18 views of my profile in less than 24 hours I was thrilled –did I already attract so much interest in the cyberspace? But then, because I’m smart, I tested my hypothesis and I was wrong: I got out and revisited it and everytime I did so, the number (surprise, surprise!) increased. So yea, all 21 views were mine.
Now, there isn’t much really – blogs are about writing, so I thought I’d write something. Whatever. Anything. So, to relate to my only other post so far, it’s worth (is it?) making the following points:
1. I’m writing in English because I did not (of course, who was I trying to fool?) manage to stay anonymous. Not only did I not stay anonymous, but I’ve pretty much emailed ALL of my friends to tell them about it. Even the ones who don’t read Greek – along with a promise that I’ll also be writing in English. So, this one’s for you my darling non-Greeks and non-Greek Cypriots. However, I will ask you to please not disclose my identity (my multiple identities, to be consistent with my theoretical framework and avoid essentialist thought) in the slightest chance that someone who really, really doesn’t know me gets to read this. That will at least give me the illusion of that other-life that I want to experience, thinking that it might solve all of my problems. I still don’t understand why I don’t just follow the advice by White Stripes to find them where they’re hiding, in the curls of my hair, rip them apart and carry them in a shopping cart…
2. My blog has made further impact. Being in the library yesterday, ‘looking’ at my blog (wondering if I really have to be posting stuff for this to work some kind of magic and hoping that maybe I don’t really have to contribute to it, but it will somehow make all my problems disappear - I think I should finally look elsewhere for a solution on those), a non-Greek-reader friend approached me and even though I was very aware that he is NOT able to read my first and only post, I very proudly shared my new life in this other dimension with him. It was a bit tricky trying to explain what ‘oxinia’ means, in Greek, in Cypriot, literally, and metaphorically. Not sure I managed to pass on the meaning. What is meaning after all? I’m not even gonna go there – it’s late and I have an early alarm set already.
3. This relates to point 2. So, my non-Greek-non-Greek-Cypriot friend insisted that he wanted to have my blog address. I proudly (but not understanding why) email it to him. A few minutes later, I get an email with my first ever post, translated by Google in English! I found it very interesting to read to be honest, as if I wasn’t the one who wrote it. I still need to get the ‘translator’s’ comments on it. When I forwarded it to another non-Greek-non-Greek-Cypriot friend of mine I even got good feedback on my style. She suggested I write an ‘academic Bridget Jone’s diary’ and she offered to be my editor. Well, it seems that this blog is making much more difference than I would ever expect. And is this just the beginning?
4. Now, to make a serious point. I’m thrilled to be flying to Athens at the end of the month. Just thrilled! Right now it’s all I can think about – haven’t been to the city in more than 4 years, since the craziest summer of my life, when I volunteered for the Olympics and spent a month partying non stop. I’m almost still expecting to find the Brazilian fans at Monastiraki and Psirri packed with international crowds and celebrities. Even knowing that I won’t, I can’t WAIT to go.
5. I cannot believe that I stayed away from the gym for over 3 years – I’m proud to announce that I’ve been back for a few weeks now and it feels great.
6. (MENTAL NOTE: ensure that next posts have some sort of structure, some meaning, some purpose)
7. But aren’t blogs just e-diaries? With non-existent readers?
8. I’ve used a lot of parentheses in this post – I think that’s a bit tiring.
9. I wonder, how strong will the ‘race’ factor be after all this coming Tuesday? Will it allow for the revolution – as described by a BBC’s correspondent ( Inshallah.

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Sceptic Anonymous said...

Essentially blogs is an exercise of futility which demonstrates perfectly why people do not want to listen to you. Because if they did, you would not have to resort to blogging.

Don't take this personally it applies to all of us.