Monday, 10 November 2008

The glass is empty

Bitching time:

1. I'm tired of sitting on this library chair for almost 12 hours now (maybe 10, taking out the loo and food breaks).

2. I'm tired of regretting for the promises I make to various people for various commitments by opening my big mouth and then regretting doing so when it's time to deliver - when, for example, the editors are breathing down my neck to receive the edited version of a paper that the reviewer tore apart, which I now hate and which I almost completely re-wrote, which means that it's probably going to be published without being properly reviewed. Urgh.

3. I am disappointed to realize that my moment of enlightenment from this morning, the realization that I actually figured out my theoretical framework, is something that not only matters s**t to the rest of the world, but something I cannot even EXPLAIN to normal people. Perhaps because it makes no sense really. But, either way, they wouldn't care.

4. I'm tired of everything that's fighting for space in my brain - even when I'm sleeping.

5. I'm still not tired of this blog - my only solution to bitching uncontrollably and without remorse.

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