Monday, 17 November 2008

For a change

Today was a good day. Just in case you actually believed I’m only going to be using this blog to bitch, you are wrong (only 1% of the times wrong, but still).

Today was a good day.

I’m exhausted, my brain is fried, my body hurts from beating myself at the gym every day during the weekends to make up for the weekdays that are too busy to allow me to go, I’m uncertain about my concluding sentence in the paper I am about to submit to the editor (long past the deadline), I desperately need a dog for the zillions of tons of affection inside of me looking for a way to get out.

But today was a good day.

The concluding sentence might be crap, but I did finish a paper that’s (almost) publishable. Pilates was great this morning and my body is starting to know and show it. I’m listening to Κατσιμίχες because I got jealous from a friend listening to their song and it makes me happy. My nail polish matches my shoes. The pain of the realization that my support system, my all time favourite people are either gone or going away in a few months, carries with it the sweetness that they’re all faces that will stay in my life forever (WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT, YOU HEAR?). There's a dozen white roses in my fishbowl and my golden frame is ordering me to keep calm and carry on.

Most importantly, today was a good day.

‘And tomorrow is another day’, the elephant, still in the room, says. And I refuse to look at it in the eyes. And Superman will continue to attack the phd monster and its ugly followers with candy and brownies and hugs. And the monster will not be defeated, but it will be tamed and learn how to love.

And hopefully, I’ll soon get a dog.

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