Monday, 26 January 2009

Sign of mental instability?

I've noticed that as the weeks go by and I am still in strict curfew and denial of any social life (let alone love life), the frequency of the incidents where I catch myself talking to myself are increasing rapidly. There are specific instances when this occurs:
1. while sitting at my desk in my room when i am (a) continuing conversations that happened a few hours/minutes/months earlier with people or (b) having completely new conversations with people - where I speak loudly my part, not theirs (perhaps this is important, to exclude the possibility of schizophrenia)
2. while walking from the bathroom/toilet back to my room or the library - with the risk of being seen by people and be ridiculed completely
3. while in the shower
4. while dreaming
Perhaps mental and emotional assistance is more urgently needed than I thought. Especially as I have just pushed my deadline ANOTHER week further.


LU said...

No way! I do this all the time, exactally the same way!

Lalù said...

Well, as long as you only say your part of the conversation out loud, you are not clinically insane.
In my own experience, however, erratic behaviour and worrying symptoms will continue and actually intensify the closer you get to your thesis defence.
But they do stop once you get the damned thing. I promise.

Sceptic Anonymous said...

My old professor used to say developing the ability to have a discussion with your self about your PhD is a good skill to have.

You are on the right path.


a said...

Thank you for trusting my mental state all - now that I'm used to myself talking to myself I'm actually enjoying it!

SparksScribbler said...

Some of the greatest conversations I ever had happened in my head. There, I can always win the argument... Hehe.
However, I do believe that having social interactions is necessary for a balanced life, as long as you have them with the right people.
But, dont listen to me, I am a woman trapped in her image.
Glad I found you/you found me.